Hey everyone,

It’s Craig here, the author of this blog. If you have found your way to the “about me” page of my blog then it probably means that you are slightly interested in who I actually am and why I’m writing this blog.

Well, in a nutshell this blog came about recently as a result of a fashion experience I had over the course of the summer. I was offered an internship at GQ magazine, specifically in their men’s accessories department and as a result I was exposed to a wide range of watch brands from the most luxurious makers you can think including Panerei and Rolex. Of course the mens accessories section covered more than just watches, but this is where my passion began and as a result I ended up spending much of my time in the watch sub-department.

Whilst many people dream of owning a Rolex or Breitling, the reality is very few people will actually get to own such a watch in the course of their lifetime, mainly due to the prohibitive pricing of such items. I thought even if I did have £5000+ to spare I would probably think of wiser ways to spend the money than on a watch. But, being surrounded by ludicrously expensive watches on a daily basis, some which retailed in excess of £20,000 make me feel a strong urge to own a similar watch. Of course the only issue was actually paying for an item of such value and that is when I found out about replica watches. Replicas offer ordinary people the chance to open an almost identical copy of a famous brand watch for a mere fraction of the price.

In light of the fact that I have had a passion for blogging which dates back for many years and with a growing interest in replica watches I decided I would combine both activities and discuss the topic of replica watches on this blog. Hopefully you have found the information posted so far to be of use to you and do please keep checking back regularly as it will be updated at many points during the course of the week.

Thanks for reading,