Sometimes a watch photo is meant to give a clear sense of what a Replica Watch looks and feels like in the metal (like most of what you see here on, but other times it can be a work of art all on its own. Photographer Atom Moore, who you might know as the art director at Analog/Shift, creates totally original compositions from detailed macro photographs of both modern and vintage watches. Starting April 30, a collection of his work will go on display at the National Watch and Clock Museum as the exhibition Watch Portraits.

Atom has developed his own unique style of macro fake watch photography that breaks watches down to their components and graphic signatures and then creates varying levels of abstraction from there. The resulting images force you to look at those elements differently, both on their own and as parts of the iconic watches from which they come. Atom’s prints themselves are impressive objects too – each is approximately three feet square and printed directly on an aluminum sheet. The colors are super vibrant and you get a great sense of detail.

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There’s a chance you’ve seen some of these pieces before. Atom had an exhibition of his work in New York City back in 2015 and also displayed some pieces in Hong Kong in 2016, though there are plenty of brand new pieces that Atom created just for this exhibition.unnamed-1

Watch Portraits opens at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania, on April 30 and will remain on view through December. For more, you can visit the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors or Atom Moore online.