Replica watches have come to stay; in fact, they are already gaining so much hype and exposure. There are cheap clones for almost all fashion products you can think of, from designer clothing to branded shoes and even watches. In fact, replica designer watches have become so popular that you can now get clones of almost all the popular brands in today’s market. One of the most important benefits of replica watches lies in the fact that you can buy it at a far less price than the original brand. For example, while a branded item costs much, their clones(although mostly lower quality) sell for 3-5 times cheaper. If you’re going to buy a clone watch or any other product, it will be essential for you to carefully check and be sure that the product is worth its price.

Of course, there are different reasons why a customer might opt for cheap clone watches. If for any reason, you’ve decided to buy a replica watch, then this guide is written to help you know the different grades of clone watches available in the market, as well as the best dealers and prices, strengths and weaknesses of varying replica watches.

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What are the Grades of Replica Watches?

Having talked about replica watches and what they are, it is also vital that we talk about the different grades of fake watches available in the market.

Generally, there are five main grades of replica watches available on the internet. We would discuss each of them, as well as tell a bit about their differences in this article. In this article, we will also provide a list of the best sites where you can buy different grades from based on what we know about them and what customers are saying.

Let’s go back to talking about the five basic grades of clone wristwatches.

Usually, you will hear dealers call all grade one, two, and three clone Rolex “Swiss-made replicas,” but in the real sense, only one of these grades is Swiss-made.

The rest of them are either made in Japan or some other places in Asia.

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Down to the main point, here is how clone watches are classified:

Grade One: Genuine, Swiss-made Rolex Replicas ($1,300)

These grade of clone watches are the top of the line clone watches. There are hundreds of newspaper and online articles already, highlighting the striking similarities between Swiss-made clone Rolex and their genuine counterpart.

Typically, they have the same look, feel, and weight with the real thing. At some points, counterfeiters have even sold them as the real deal, even to pre-owned Rolex jewelers. The cheapest stainless steel models of these lovelies wholesale for at least $1,300, so you really cannot expect to get it for far less, because it could mean that the dealer is losing money.

There are quite some expense related to the sale of this grade of clone watches, hence the need to sell it for at least $1,300 if the dealer must earn the profit.

Well, you’ll see a few sites claiming to be wholesalers to other websites in a bid to convince buyers. They sell at a cheaper rate, but you really should not believe them, because in the real sense, they pass on grade 3 clone watches to buyers that believe them, and most times ignore the request of such customers for a refund.

If you’re not sure about the Swiss-made clone watch that you’re about to pay for, check to be sure it has the following as a way to be sure you’re paying for the real deal:

  • Full warranty of between 1 to 2 years
  • Guaranteed solid 18k gold wrap on all 2-tone and gold models
  • Swiss-made Rolex clone movement
  • The watch must be very identical to the genuine Rolex in all ramifications
  • Ceramic bezel models should have real ceramic on them
  • The gold’s color looks exactly like that of genuine Rolex watchers
  • The engraved Rolex crown should be present at the 6 o’clock position.
  • It has engraved Rolex written under the sapphire crystal for older models and above the dial for newer models.

If a site offers anything short of these, you should be assured that they are not selling original grade one clone.

Grade Two: High-Quality Japan-Asian Rolex Clones ($300)

These Rolex are next to Swiss-made in class, but to be honest, they are more profitable than all other grades, including Swiss-made clones.

The reason behind this profit level is that most buyers would buy at approximately $150 for each and attempt to rip customers off by selling them as genuine Swiss-made Rolex clone for up to $700 each.

Of course, they succeed in this because most grade two Rolex Clones come with stainless steel construction, but careful observation would show you that the quality of steel is not as good as the one used for genuine Swiss-made Rolex clones.

Here are some distinct features to look out for in this grade of Clone watches:

  • All 2-tone models come with a single gold plate, not solid gold wrapped.
  • Genuine mineral crystal
  • The color of gold used looks almost like the authentic Rolex watches
  • The watch is a bit lighter than grade 1 clone in weight
  • They are not designed with engravings on the crystal that’s located at the 6 O’clock position as it is obtainable in grade one clones.
  • They also don’t have the word Rolex engraved above the dial and under the crystal.

This grade of clones is crafted carefully in Japan-Asia, with the primary intent to make it look as much as a Swiss-made clone as much as possible. The wholesale between $150 and $180, but their retail price climbs up to $300 sometimes.

Grade Three: Regular Japan-Asian Rolex Clones ($200-$220)

These so-called Japan-Asian Rolex Clones fall third in the order of Clone watch grades. They have an impressive quality, with top quality Asian made movements and mineral crystal instead of sapphire.

On wholesale, the Japan-Asian Rolex Clones are sold between $90-$120, while in retail, the sell between $200-$220.

Clone watches under this grade usually are not waterproof and should not be mistaken as one. Most quality sites that sell them offer them with less than six months guarantee and to be honest, most of them don’t get up to that number of months. Some dealers will go as far as telling you that their product is waterproof, but, if they are in this grade, you should not believe such lies.

Noticeable Features:

  • Although not the Japanese made the watch, the movement is made as a direct copy of the Japan movement.
  • They don’t come with a real ceramic bezel
  • Depending on the dealer, wholesale costs between $80-$120 each
  • Gold watches in this model are gold plated, but not wrapped.

Grade Four and Grade Five Replicas: Asian Replicas ($15-$70)

This is the most popular grade of Rolex Clones offered to the public. You can get them on wholesale for as low as $15. They come in variations of China-made movement, with plated stainless steel and once in a while, you’ll also get them plated with fake gold.

Reliable Websites for Buying Clone Watches

Buying a clone watch can be quite tricky if you don’t know what to look out for in the best. With different grades available in the market and each grade costing different from the other, you must be careful to be sure that your dealerships offer you a clone watch that’s worth your money. Here is an outline of the most reliable dealers you can go to for clone watches and be assured that you’ll get good products.


Biao also counts as one of the best in quality. All their Clone watches are carefully produced to meet and surpass expectations. The numerous reviews they are already getting from satisfied clients from different parts of the world show just how wonderful they are.

  1. is one of the most popular clones selling website. They manufacture clone watches of amazing quality and supply to Asia, Europe, and America. They carefully work on their clones enough to make you ask questions about its genuineness because they look real. They deliver worldwide with free shipping. Most reviews by their buyers are positive, so you can easily trust them

  1. BestWatch

No doubt, this is a world leading replica watch sites. The company is already highly established, and they boast of having branches spread all over the world, further earning them loyal customers. Their collection is loaded, so you can log in today to start making your purchases.

  1. Chinabrands

Based in China, this site has been in the operation of producing high-quality clones since 2007, so you can trust that they know the business already. They have strong control over the quality of their products, and they differ from others in the level of after-sales support that they bring to the table.


If you’re looking for the right site that balances price with quality in the sale of fake watches, then this is certainly the place for you. The site is famed for having an impressive level of customer support as well as the best price in the industry.

There you have it, a detailed guide to help you understand clone watches and his they are sold. With this guide, you are already equipped to make the best decision in your next purchase of clone watches. It’s time to rock the exact look-alike of your favorite designer watch.

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