You are lagging far much behind if yet to get yourself an Omega Speedmaster luxury watch. The first of its kind was worn on the moon by Walter Schirra during Apollo 11 and owning one will give you a heroic feeling. The fact that these original watches are costly shouldn’t deter you from looking fabulous with an Omega Speedmaster watch as replicas, notably the Blue Dial Omega Speedmaster Replica has got you covered.

The watch’s functionality is the same as that of the original and even has an exact look. It gives you the versatility and luxury that every watch owner gets. With this watch, you’ll enjoy all the sophistication and class you’ve always longed for as a man.

Specifications of Blue Dial Omega Speedmaster Replica

Blue Dial Omega Speedmaster Replica

Any time you want to buy an item from a store, say like a pair of glasses, you’ll have to check the features first to familiarize yourself with them. You would want to know the material of the frames, magnification, what makes the lens among other features. The same happens when looking for a replica watch. You have to go through the features first if you want to get yourself a watch that looks exactly like the original.

That said, these are the features of the Blue Dial Omega Speedmaster Replica luxury watch

The Dial

The watch features a blue dial with contrasting white hour hands and hour markers and an orange second hand. The difference in color makes it possible for you to read the dial’s contents with ease even in dimly lit rooms. One look at the replica and you’ll agree that it’s a masterpiece.

Just below the 12-hour marker is the Omega logo giving the watch authenticity. The name Omega is also imprinted around the dial making this knockoff to look exactly like the original watch. The watch is breathtaking and will make you command attention whenever you have it on your wrist.

A date aperture positioned at 6 o’clock enables you to know the date and with ease due to the magnifying glass that makes it pop up the dial. The replica has two chronographs, one at 3 o’clock and the other at 9 o’clock.

Enclosing the dial is a crystal sapphire that makes the contents of the dial legible. The glass also gives the knockoff a classic and stylish look making many to envy you.

The Case

The replica has a brushed stainless steel case that shines even at the slightest exposure to the sun’s rays. Wear the knockoff to a party and no one will tell that it isn’t the original. In fact, it would only take an expert to tell the difference.

The case has a polished stainless steel cutwork crown which has a round-push-button on its either side. The crown has the Omega logo to imitate the original. The pushers, in this case, are functionless and only meant to make the replica appear like the original Speedmaster watch.

Even though the watch claims to be water resistant up to 200 feet, do not expose it to water if you want to use it for a long time. The original watch is water resistant but not the replica.


The Blue Dial Omega Speedmaster Replica luxury watch has a round brushed stainless steel bezel giving the watch a stylish look. It also has a tachymeter scale which is only meant for decoration and making the knockoff appear like the original as it is functionless.


This replica has the quartz movement that helps to keep the time on your watch accurate at all times. It has a 48 hours’ reserve meaning that you have to wind the watch for 10 to 20 turns every morning for it to function efficiently.


The watch has a brown leather strap with the name Omega imprinted on it as well as the logo to give it originality. It has white thread stitching and a stainless steel hook clasp with the logo. The strap feels comfortable on the wrist, and it’s also adjustable.

Blue Dial Omega Speedmaster Replica Customer Satisfaction

This watch will make you enjoy the feeling that comes with owning a luxury watch. It will give you the confidence to attend a meeting in style and also make you look fabulous in it. With the watch, you do not have to worry about the outfit to wear with as it matches with almost every piece.

The watch will help you to run your daily activities on time and also ensure that you do not skip essential meetings. It will help you become the man of the moment, and everyone will start appreciating you.

Bottom Line

The Blue Dial Omega Speedmaster Replica watch will enable you to get the luxury that comes with wearing a luxury watch and at a meagre price. Going for the replica will make you use the extra money you could have spent to purchase the original on other vital matters.



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