Cartier is one of the leading designers of statement timepieces. These are so luxurious, they could be considered jewelry. The Cartier Santos 100 Polished Rose Gold Bezel 621919 Replica is one such timepiece. It is very popular among the men who love to look good without compromising their overall look by wearing a big, bulky watch.

History of the Cartier Santos 100

This Cartier watch has a wonderfully rich history. Although it was launched in 2004, it was originally designed in 1904. It is a classic vintage design that would explain its roaring success with the masses. It is a dashingly, debonair watch that will be the envy of many when on your wrist.

So what do you do when you desire this beautiful piece of art but you cannot afford to break the bank? The answer is simple, go for a high quality replica. The internet is a wonderful place to compare and contrast prices too so you can be sure you are not being ripped off. Let us have a deeper look into some of the features you should look out for in your replica.

Cartier Santos 100 Polished Rose Gold Bezel 621919 Replica Features

There is no doubt that with the popularity of this timepiece there are countless counterfeits in the market. Some counterfeits are so good that you will only realise it is not genuine when you get rained on and it stops working. A genuine replica should have all the features below as well as being water resistant.

How do you ensure that you purchase a genuine replica?

Cartier Santos 100 Polished Rose Gold Bezel 621919 Replica

The Face

This is the first thing people notice when they see your watch. The Cartier Santos 100 replica like the original should have thick Roman numerals. The glass will also be made from scratchproof material. The outline of the minute and hour hands is being designed to be considerably broad. The watch should have “CARTIER” below the minute indexes under 12 o’clock and “AUTOMATIC” just above 6 0’clock AND “SWISS MADE” under it, with sufficient space between the words.

Cartier Santos 100 Polished Rose Gold Bezel 621919  Replica

The Bezel

The Cartier Santos 100 bezel replica should be correctly placed on right with the face right way up. The rectangle case is brushed solidly and the crown of the bezel topped with a blue jewel polished to a shine. There are 8 signature screws around the bezel. The crown should wind with ease and have a neatly finished hexagon shape for better grip.

The Back

Cartier Santos 100 Polished Rose Gold Bezel 621919  Replica

Like most designer watches, every brand packages and stamps their products. This is no different with Cartier. The back should have the name and serial number of the watch, as well as the brand name. These should be perfectly embossed and legible with ease.

The strap

Cartier Santos 100 Polished Rose Gold Bezel 621919 Replica

The strap should be made from genuine leather. They should also have the “Cartier” and “Genuine leather” embossed on them. These straps need to be heavy duty if you are going to wear your watch for a long time, be keen on their quality.

While there are many counterfeit replicas in the market, these few tips should help you distinguish between them and genuine replicas. As you shop for the Cartier Santos best replica, here are a few tips to keep you safe from scammers.

When shopping for your Cartier Santos 100

Look out for authentic dealers. There are many such shops online where you can buy it but it is better to stick to genuine and reputable dealers. You can run a quick search for these by typing “Cartier Santos 100 replica Swiss” and you will get a number of results. Do some thorough research on the top picks before placing an order.

Reputable dealers will usually have a money back guarantee as well as a warranty should you choose to buy from them. They will also give you a receipt that you can use to file complaints and a tracking number for your purchase.

There is a gap between luxury and those who can afford it and the Cartier Santos 100 Polished Rose Gold Bezel 621919 Replica fills that gap. Undoubtedly, the only way most of us can afford this watch is by getting a close imitation, which is, after all, the highest form of flattery. However, buying a replica does not mean you should get substandard quality. While there may be minor discrepancies in the two, always make sure the designer detail on the original and the replica are as similar as possible. They should be so close that it will be almost impossible to tell between them.

Life is for the living and you deserve to have some luxury in your life. Go on and reward yourself with a luxuriously chic Cartier Santos 100.

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