These replica watches are literal metaphors for ‘time spent with family’! While most watches make a personal style statement, the Paradigm watches have a rather different philosophy. They connect the family through incredible design. Probably the first and only watch sets built for men, women, AND children, Paradigm believes that the watch represents love and care. It almost becomes a memento of togetherness, an insignia of the family.

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Daniel Garnsey was a child when his father gifted him his watch. It became a precious keepsake. However, in today’s world where products are designed to be replaced, updated, and rendered obsolete, Daniel believed he needed to create a product that stood for superior quality, and strong values. The Paradigm watches are beautiful watches designed for the whole family. The men’s watch comes in beautiful and sophisticated silver and black designs, while the women’s watch redefines elegance with the mother of pearl watch face, studded with Swarovski Crystals. The children’s watch is built smaller, but still integrates the Swiss Mechanical Movement present in the men and women’s cheap copy watches. All the watches contain the same Swiss Movement (ETA 2801) on the inside, and an immaculately cut sapphire crystal glass on the top, making sure that the entire family is promised the same quality and finesse, but for an incredibly reasonable price.

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Designed with love and care, the Paradigm watches in themselves become a symbol of love and care. 10% of all profits go to charities dedicated to education and upliftment of underprivileged women and children. They even come with messages of love and inspiration engraved on the back. The watches are luxury fake timepieces without the luxury tag. Starting at just $195, they promise to be worth much more, to you, your family, and society!