It’s best to be cautious when buying Rolex Replica Watches online. It’s also important to avoid Internet scams and really get what you are paying for.Avoid-Possible-Scams-when-Buying-Rolex-Replica-Watches-Step-1

Make sure that watches on the pictures provided do not show 10:10. All authentic pictures (from Rolex, Omega, etc.) show this time. If you ever see a commercial or an ad for the watch it will always show 10:10. You want a retailer that you are buying from to have pictures of actual watches that they are selling. Preferably with their website URL included in the picture – not written on the picture.Avoid-Possible-Scams-when-Buying-Rolex-Replica-Watches-Step-2

Send an e-mail before you make a purchase and ask if the watch you are buying looks exactly like the watch in the picture. Tell them that if you get a watch that doesn’t look exactly the same you will call your credit card company immediately to tell them that you got ripped off, and cancel the purchase. Also observe how professional they are in responding to your e-mails. If they do not respond to your e-mail within a few days, avoid that website.Buying-Rolex-Replica-Watches-Step-3
Use a credit card that has 100% fraud protection. Most of these retailers are going under all the time and you can never be sure that you won’t get ripped off.


Avoid making payments by Western Union, bank wire or money order. If you use your credit card you can at least be sure that you will get your money back if you receive no watch. Or at least receive something, even though it might not be the watch of the same quality that you expected. If you wire money or use Western Union, the chances of getting your money back are very slim. Also, a good option would be to pay by COD (cash on delivery), but only if you are able to look at the product and then decide if you are going to pay or not. If you don’t get what you were promised, do not pay! If the postal service wants you to pay before letting you inspect the product, reject the package!Avoid-Possible-Scams-when-Buying-Rolex-Replica-Watches-Step-5
Make sure that the website you are buying from offers a money back guarantee.That way you can get money back from your credit card company if you get scammed. But make sure you use a credit card, as this is the only way you can get your money back based on the money back guarantee.Avoid-Possible-Scams-when-Buying-Rolex-Replica-Watches-Step-6
Never buy a very expensive replica watch. It’s simply not worth it.Avoid-Possible-Scams-when-Buying-Rolex-Replica-Watches-Step-7
Know that just because a website looks really fancy it doesn’t mean that a scam artist isn’t behind it.Avoid-Possible-Scams-when-Buying-Rolex-Replica-Watches-Step-8
Make the use of a website’s 1-800 number. Call them and ask questions. However, keep in mind that this does not mean anything, as the phone number can get disconnected over the night. Many of the scam websites will list their phone numbers all over the front page so you feel more safe. Phone number, although a good addition, does not guarantee you anything.

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