The biggest problem that health trackers share with smartwatches is that their technology cannot be transferred from one device to another. But that’s no longer the case thanks to Manufacture Modules Technologies’ E-Strap, a patented smart buckle and strap that fits on any watch. Why be required to wear one replica watch to track your physical activity and sleep when you can wear any watch you want?

This is not the first foray into the smartwatch category by the Swiss company. MMT was established in 2015 to develop and commercialize horological smartwatch modules, firmware and apps. In that time, MMT modules have been implemented in watches by Frederique Constant, Movado, Mondaine, Ferragamo and Alpina. Read our coverage here.

The heart of the E-Strap is an ultra-small buckle extension that is built on a full smartwatch platform. The thin buckle can hardly be seen when covered by the leather strap.

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The E-Strap tracks activity with active alerts and monitors sleep with smart sleep alarms. An app–which connects wirelessly to the buckle–shows your activity and sleep. The MMT-365 smartphone app is available on both Apple and Android phones. The activity tracker keeps count of daily steps, calories burnt and distance. The dynamic coaching feature offers suggestions, tips and information catered specifically to you based on your activity and sleep goals. Wearers can set an alert to remind them to move if they’ve been idle for a set amount of time. Alerts can be customized from the app.

Wear the E-Strap at night or put it under the pillow to record the sleep pattern. A sleep tracking function provides details on how much time you spent in deep sleep, light sleep or awake. A smart sleep alarm will help you to wake up at the best appropriate time in your sleep cycle so that you wake up refreshed.

The data collected by the E-Strap is independently stored for 30 days without having to synchronize it to a smartphone. Despite all its capabilities, the E-Strap only needs to be charged once a week.

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MMT says that one of the problems they saw with fitness trackers is the obligatory silicon bands. Many people–but especially Europeans–refuse these fitness bands because they consider them ugly and unfashionable. People also do not want to replace their luxury watches with plastic or otherwise less luxurious smartwatches.

As a result of that feedback, MMT will offer the E-Strap with a variety of leathers and finishes. The strap is also water resistant up to 3 atm. It should be noted that you can fit the module to 3rd party straps, too.

It’s very exciting to see MMT’s continued development of wearable technology. I have long considered buying a fitness tracker, only to be turned off by the ugly, bulging straps or clunky connectivity. MMT is trying to get people into the smart replica watch category without relinquishing the watches they love–a plan I can fully get behind.

The MMT E-Strap is not available for purchase yet. MMT will first work directly with participating brands to test and distribute the technology. Frederique Constant will be one of a handful of brands launching their own version of this concept this coming April.