There is a great feeling that comes with knowing that you have in your possession luxury watch that will always tell your personality. It is even a bigger deal when that watch is from Hublot and in the limited edition genre. Hublot happens to have manufactured some watches that will never get produced again. If you happen to have an eye for the watch and your financial status doesn’t seem to agree with you, get yourself the Luna Rosa Black Dial Hublot Replica luxury watch and quench your desires.

The watch will help you attend meetings in style while not appearing too showy at the same time. If going for an interview and want a timepiece that will portray you as a modern yet not too expensive.

Luna Rosa Black Dial Hublot Replica


The fact that the original watch is from the Hublot limited edition makes it to have a high number of replicas in the market. To get the right quality, ensure that you get to know the features of the original then compare them with the imitation to get a quality watch. You do not want everyone to be in a position to tell that the watch you have is indeed fake.

That said, these are the features of the Luna Rosa Black Dial Hublot Replica Luxury Watch

The Dial

The replica frames a black dial with marching black hour markers with some white details and the hour hands as well. The contrasting red second’s hand give the knockoff a luxurious and prestigious look appealing to every onlooker’s eyes.

Between hour marker 4 and 5 is a date window with a white surface making it easy to see. A Magnifying glass makes a date to pop up the dial easing eye strain. The names Luna Rosa and Hublot are engraved around the dial giving the timepiece its originality.

Positioned at 3,6 and 9 o’clock are three chronographs. They have indexes 8,26,24 at the 3 o’clock dial,20,40 and 60 at the 6 o’clock subdial while the chronograph at 9 o’clock lacks the indexes. It has a black surface, and in fact, it’s has the H logo engraved. The subdials in the knockoff are functionless.

Enclosing the dial is a transparent sapphire crystal giving the replica a beautiful shine and making it easier for you to read the time accurately.

The Case

The replica has a round ion-plated steel case imitating the original and giving the watch a stunning look. On the case is a cutwork steel screw-in crown with the H logo. The crown encloses the watch and keeps it safe from water. Remember, this is just a replica, and therefore you should never expose it to too much water.

On either side, if the screw- in-crown is a rectangular push button crown, all studded and with black rubber trimmings. The pushers, in this case, are merely meant to make the replica look precisely like the original because in the imitation they are functionless.

The model watch has stainless steel screwed down back which has Hublot inscriptions making it look exactly like the original


The Luna Rosa Black Dial Hublot Replica luxury watch has an ion plated polished stainless steel screwed down bezel. The bezel is fixed and gives the watch an overall excellent look. It’s evident that only an expert would tell the difference between the original and this knockoff.

The Movement

The watch has a quartz movement, the best when it comes to maintaining time accuracy. You need to ensure that the replica’s battery is okay if you want to keep your model watch running. Another disadvantage is that you have to keep on winding your watch to which is not the case with the watches with the automatic movement.


The bracelet of the replica shouts it all, luxury! It is a textured black rubber band which has an ion-plated push-button clasp. For authenticity purposes, the Luna Rosa and Hublot inscriptions on the strap are visible. This bracelet fits appropriately on the wrist of almost every man.

Luna Rosa Black Dial Hublot Replica Customer Satisfaction

The watch gives you the awesome feeling that comes with knowing that you have a Hublot limited edition watch in your possession. A watch that everyone would wish to own due to its uniqueness. With this watch, you will leave a statement and get envied by everyone.

With this watch, you’ll get to carry out your duties in an organized way. You will not only save a lot by buying the knockoff but also avoid unnecessary spending and sacrifices to buy a watch which you can quickly get at an affordable price

Bottom Line

A luxury watch doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do is get a quality replica of the original watch, and no one will ever know that it isn’t the original. Sometimes all you need is a watch that makes you value and appreciate yourself, and this Luna Rosa Black Dial Hublot replica might be the watch you need to achieve that.






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