This watch is awesome and function-wise! My job requires me to go to different countries almost every month. But of course I also need a to keep the time at home on track because of the homesickness that I am feeling and I cannot resist but to make a call or video chat with my loved ones back home. So I decided to purchase a watch that satisfies my necessities and suits my sophisticated fashion style at the same time. The moment I saw Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean White Dial Rose Gold 622400 Replica on an online store, my mind was blown away with its elegant rose gold timepiece and ergonomic operation. At first, I did not believe that this is the replica version of the original Omega watch due to its intricate design. But looking at its cheap price made me assumed the given fact that this offered watch is just the duplicate adaptation of the classy Omega timepiece.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean White Dial Rose Gold 622400 Replica

Cheaply priced high quality watch

Let me go straight to my favorite aspect of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT which is the incredible 4th hand. Most watches acquire only 3 hands on the clock face, the shortest signifies hours, the long hand for minutes, while the thinnest hand is for seconds. The purpose of the 4th hand of this watch is displayed as the 24-hour hand. Aside from the shortest hand that appears as the 12-hour hand, the 4th hand also displays the hours but on a 24-hour format. The 4th hand appeared as the short and thin hand with the radiant red arrow which points on the 24-hour indicator at the clock face. This feature of the watch is such a beneficial tool for people whose hobby is to travel abroad or for people who are assigned to different places in a different time zone.  The second feature that this watch acquires that I want to give a compliment is the date indicator located above the 6th-hour indicator. This aspect of the watch is perfect for people like me who wants to get the time and date in one place at the same time just by making an urgent glance. Thanks to this amazing timepiece, I do not need to get my phone in my pocket to just check the time and date.

Aesthetically Good Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean White Dial Rose Gold 622400 Replica

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT also captivated me with its appealing manly design. I just admire the classic rose gold lugs and the bezel which surrounds the stylish clock face. It effortlessly blended to the white clock face and the leather bracelet. The clock face has an outstanding texture which gives an illusion of extended volume to the watch.


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean White Dial Rose Gold 622400 Replica

The 12-hour indicators are made out of stainless steel which is tinted with rose gold and white. The Omega logo positioned underneath the 12th-hour indicator which is the last letter of the Greek alphabet signifies the triumph and great achievements as a successful and continuously flourishing watch brand worldwide. The iconic Omega logo also symbolizes the excellence through every watch the company designs which truly manifests to this dazzling timepiece. As I have mentioned earlier, the clock face has 4 glimmering hands also dyed with rose gold and white which will be clearly seen even at an easy glance.  The clock face is surrounded by the minute indicator to measure the time accurately. This Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT watches made everything needed for the users to be easier.


Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean White Dial Rose Gold 622400 Replica

Of course, I do not want to sacrifice comfort over luxury. That is why I picked this exceptional watch due to the comfort that it has brought to me. I bought watches before that feel heavy to wear due to its substandard materials and poorly made design. As a result, those watches ended up as a decoration on my room and I also substantially wasted money for that crappy watch. I do not want to make that same senseless mistake after I purchase that watch that I am unable to wear and even bring everywhere I needed it though it has a luxurious and appealing appearance. But I now owned the remarkable Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT which made me grateful. The alligator bracelet is made out of leather that creates comfort for every wearer. As a witness of this tremendous Omega watch, I never had an experienced an irritating feeling wearing this watch and I really felt the soft texture of the leather. Attached to the bracelet is the splendid clasp engraved with 18k yellow gold plated crown. The brand knows how careful their avid watch wearers are that is why they made a compact seal to guarantee the good sake of the timepiece. The back of the watch is the part of this watch that I do not want to miss but share this with everyone. The back of the case has a carved stainless steel to fasten the solid glass to completely expose the mechanism inside the watch.

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