Patek Philippe replica watches are for women who want to be more connected during shoping.

The patek philippe brand wants to appeal to women who is into fitness and wants a heart rate monitor and onboard GPS in their tracker, but who also cares about getting wrist notifications and using wearable apps. But at £265, Polar’s device is right up there with the ladies replica watches in price, and that might be too steep for some consumers, considering the experience it offers is much different.

Design: Too bulky for its own good

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Like most hardcore fitness watches, the patek philippe is chunky. And since it is running Android Wear, that design almost works against it. The watch module, which can be removed to fit into different bands, is rectangular and holds the square 1. 3-inch, 260 PPI touchscreen and two physical buttons: one on the left side of the device that opens the Android Wear app menu and one underneath the display that opens the Polar Flow app. The display is bold and bright, and while it can fall victim to glare in direct sunlight, it’s easy to read most of the time and easy to navigate.

Our battery test continuously sends messages to the fake Patek Philippe Lady’s Retro Wrist Watch to ensure its display never fully turns off, so that estimate is based on never-ending activity. Polar estimates the patek philippe can get up to two days during normal activity and 8 hours while training. So our test results fall in line with this.

Inside the patek philippe is an optical heart rate monitor and a GPS chip. That makes the device fairly thick at. 5 inches, and while it’s not particularly heavy, it looks monstrous on my small wrist. The band is made of a durable silicone which is much thicker than the regular silicone used in others like the Apple Watch’s sport bands. It does have a double-prong watch-like closure, though, making it easy to tighten just enough so that the heart rate monitor can do its job, but also not cut off circulation.

Features: Fitness made more practical with confortable Wear

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On any other Polar device, the button directly below the display would open Polar Flow. But on the patek philippe, it just feels like the default workout program (and it is). There, you can start a new workout session or tap “My Day” to get an overview of your activity progress thus far. You can program up to 20 sport profiles to appear on the watch under Training, so choosing the one you want to start is easy, and the watch will track you.

At first, you may not even realise the Pre-Owned Patek Philippe replica Ladies’ watches runs Android Wear. The default watch face shows the time and date in large blue and white text, and it looks like Polar’s other devices. As you move throughout the day, a bar slides up the display to show you how far you’ve gone to reach your activity goal. Of course, thanks to Android Wear, you can change the watch face to whatever you’d like. But since this is a Polar device first-and-foremost, the default display works with the embedded Polar Flow app to make sure you don’t forget who made it.

As soon as you tap on Training, the watch starts to glean your heart rate and kick the GPS into gear. Depending on the activity, GPS may not always be activated  which is convenient since I don’t want to have to remember to turn on or off the GPS myself.

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